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Managed Print Service.


Step1 Establish Goals & Objectives: BiaFlex partners with you by gaining a complete understanding of your goals and objectives; taking into account any initiatives or changes that could influence your Managed Print Services needs. Unlike other printer and copier providers, BiaFlex is truly 100% local and works hand-in-hand with your staff for cost-savings and efficient use of printing devices.

Step 2 Review Processes & Printing Devices: With a clear understanding of your goals, BiaFlex analyzes your existing printing equipment and processes to see if they are adequately meeting your internal needs and allowing employees to work efficiently and effectively.

Step 3 Building A Strategy Together: Based on results from Step 2, BiaFlex works with you and creates a collaborative MPS solution, including redeploying or replacing devices or modifying printing processes within your Company.

Step 4 Implementation: With a ‘winning strategy’ in place, BiaFlex will install any new technologies and begin the Print Management Services agreement with you — eliminating or reducing the burden for your IT staff, AP/ AR, and support personnel. Now you enjoy true local, efficient maintenance for service and supplies of printing devices.

Step 5 Ongoing Improvements: Now working as a partnership, BiaFlex will continue to review quarterly volumes and revise the strategy with you to create an on-going MPS solution and find cost-savings in any identified areas.



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